Mountain Landscapes

This ongoing photo collection is my attempt to highlight a small fraction of the mountain scenery or things of interest that I’ve experienced while hiking.  I’m definitely not a pro, but once in a while I get a lucky shot.  Most of these photos were taken from within a 1 to 2 hour driving radius of Lethbridge, Alberta.  Happy trails!

Sentry Mountain

Sentry Mountain

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak Summit

Turtle Mountain

Turtle Mountain


Andy Good Peak


Sentry Mountain from Island Ridge


Pictographs on Bluff Mountain

View from Poker Peak

Hillcrest Mountain and Turtle Mountain from Poker Peak

Divide Mountain

Divide Mountain

Hillcrest Mountain

Turtle Mountain from the summit of Hillcrest Mountain


Mount Haig from Gravenstafel Ridge


Carthew Lakes


Between the first and second peaks on Syncline Mountain

Wedge Mountain

Crowsnest Mountain from Wedge Mountain

The Castle Crown

The Front Range of the Castle

Mount Erickson

Mount Erickson


Turtle Mountain from Bluff Mountain

Andy Good Peak and Mount Parrish from Mount Coulthard

Andy Good Peak and Mount Parrish from Mount Coulthard


The famous mushroom rock on Mount Galwey

Spread Eagle Mountain

Spread Eagle Mountain


Poker Peak from Maverick Hill


‘Mill Creek Peak’

Loaf Mountain

Loaf Mountain Summit

Mount Livingstone Fossil

Mount Livingstone fossil

Mount Tecumseh

Sink holes on Mount Tecumseh

Loop Ridge

Loop Ridge summit

Mount Tecumseh Summit

Mount Tecumseh summit


North Ridge of Ptolemy

A Vision Quest Site on Robertson Peak

Vision Quest site on Robertson Peak

1946 Plane Crash Site on North York Creek

1946 Plane Crash site on North York Creek

Snowshoeing in the Castle Crown

Mount Backus

IMG_2816 (1)

Daisies on Mount McCarty


Rillenkarren on Phillipps Peak

Carbondale Hill

Carbondale Hill Fire Lookout

Byron Hill

Byron Hill


Mount Parrish from Andy Good Peak


Haig Lake

Victoria Peak from Pincher Ridge

Victoria Peak from Pincher Ridge

Victoria Peak Summit (click for larger image)

Windsor Mountain and Castle Peak from Victoria Peak

Looking west from the centre peak of Mount Coulthard

Mount Ptolemy and Andy Good from Mount Coulthard


‘Deadman Peak’ summit


Barnaby Ridge

Window Mountain from Mount Ward

Window Mountain from Mount Ward

Spionkop Ridge Summit

Spionkop Ridge summit


“Almost there.”

Divide Mountain

Old fire lookout on Divide Mountain

A Burned Forest on Divide Mountain

Forest fire

Mount Tecumseh Summit (click for larger image)

“Just one more step back…”

Medicine Wheel on Robertson Peak

Medicine wheel on Robertson Peak


Thunder Mountain fossil

Turtle Mountain Fossil

Turtle Mountain fossil


‘Vicary Creek Ridge’

Mount Tecumseh\

Phillips Peak from Tecumseh


Thanks for visiting!  When I remember, I will add more pictures of interest.

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